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Welcome to Filas Lionsden Our breeding stock comes from 100% Brazilian Fila Brasileiro Bloodlines, carefully selected from only top of the line breeders and lines such as Borghetto, Itaboca, Regina do Pinhal, Bronquinha, Enterfolhas, Brenda Lee, Rafuri, Capao de Onca and more. We have spent over 25 years selectively breeding, mixing and matching to achieve our signature look, structure and temperament. Our dogs have the classic Fila Brasileiro type and of course the ever important Ojeriza. We proudly follow and promote the only official Fila Brasileiro standard, which is that of the CBKC & FCI. Although we do have World Champions, it should be noted that we do not agree with some of the practices of various show organizations. Unfortunately many shows do not properly screen their judges, and often bring in under-qualified judges that fail to fully understand this wonderful breed. This is another case of the common axiom that the Fila is simply “not like other dogs.” Such things as the “camel pace” and the unique temperament of the breed can often be misunderstood. We have gathered various articles and diagrams with valuable information for anybody interested in this wonderful breed. Whether you’re an experienced Fila breeder, owner or still just looking, you may learn something new so please take a look. New Testimonials! We just posted a ton of great new pictures from several happy clients! We also updated the site with some testimonials from our old site as well, so if you’re new around here, check those out too! True Fila Brasileiro Temperament & “Ojeriza”
“Tyler with our new family addition. Bear is 3 months old now and he loves playing with Tyler.“ New Testimonial! Welcome to the Lionsden Family Kim F. picked up a young adult male from us some time ago, and she brought her son by to visit. He fell so in love with this beautiful 12 month female that they had to take her home too! Good luck to you guys! New Pictures: 3/15/14 Butch is an incredibly athletic, typie young male out of Tosca & Sharkaun. Tosca is an awesome female that is is extremely muscular, structurally correct and with excellent temperament. While he still very young and slender, Butch is already showing off his mothers assets as you can see from his thick, muscular front legs. We have very high expectations for this young male. Born January 13, 2015 They're here! Beautiful, healthy pups. Samantha is out of Thiago, a decorated son of the World Famous Edu Pedro. Samantha is a very typie girl with lots of extra skin and a beautiful head.  Beauford is a hansom stud with big muscle and a fantastic, athletic structure. Our Fila Brasileiro pups come with Health Guarantee, Registration for Pedigree and Lifetime Support. We ship all around the world. We expect great things from these pups. We’re currently taking deposits of $500. These pups are $2000. Call us at (951) 436-6707 Or e-mail for more info. World Champion Edu Pedro Click HERE to see these beautiful babies! New Pics Posted 3/27/2015 We apologize, we’re currently experiencing cell phone issues, if you try to contact us and we miss your call, please send an e-mail! At the moment we are unable to see the numbers on a missed call. Please click here to send us an e-mail using our “Contact Us” form. Check out our Videos! We have lots of videos. Pups, adults, action, drama, comedy, we have it all! Take a peek right at our Videos Page and see what you might have missed.